th_up Randy always kept it in the middle
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you are thinking of the other yahoo's that have left the board.

Randy's thing is that Trump is no different than the other presidents/parties we have and his detractors are just taking cheap shots, largely unwarranted.

I don't agree with him of course, as you have so many brewing scandals with Trump that are both self-inflicted and potentially career-ending and he hasn't even hit 100 days in office. you can't compare the current debacle with prior presidents as no one has ever been this off the rails. I mean, he's accusing the former president of spying on him? his campaign insider and then later NSA appointee was an unregistered/paid lobbyist for the Turkish government and no in the campaign "knew about it"?

Randy, sorry buddy, but your logic was valid until he was sworn in and continued to act like a child. since inauguration he's been unlike anything this country has ever seen and I don't mean that in a good way. you should open your eyes to this not being just politics as usual and instead our country having finally elected someone that isn't mentally fit for the job.
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