note Your insurer may already have your DNA...
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The wellness programs have been offering discounts for people getting the blood tests for years now.

The linked bill is short, but legalistic to the point of not really being able to tell what it is doing that would be different than is already done. Also don't know how any of it is impacted by HIPA off the top of my head. It is very heavy on referencing other code that would have to be read and deciphered. Not something I have time to do right now.

Is there a good, balanced article that explains this well? At some point - when a bit more is known about it, I may get the spouse to look at it. She has spent a lot of time with the regulatory side of health care and generally knows about the current state of things like this.

It is to be expected that when you ask somebody else to pay for your health care that they will want to ask invasive questions of you about your health and may even make some demands of you regarding what activities you should do/not do to reduce their expenses incurred by your health choices. You would do the same if stuck paying someone else's expenses out of your pocket. It is the price you pay of having them take responsibility for you. You just may have to accept that it may cost you a bit more to opt out of the still voluntary wellness program.
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