note Yes, but not getting paid for it...
Forum: Liquid Lounge
Preworking a couple things that we haven't got awards for on the assumption that the client will want it on too short of notice once they do get around to getting money from their bean counters. Also trying to find new sources for valves, since a client waited too long to order them and discovered that the lead times are too long. Lastly researching how to tie a new product developed by a client using obsolete technology into enterprise software packages that I do not know how to program and we don't have the money for training for.

Easier to keep eyes from glazing over if I take a break every so often from the advanced level texts that I have to read for lack of a "dummies" book for the material.

Nicely, the news aggregate sights have found room today to post the odd stuff on the home pages. Takes a lot less time to find than one would expect. The time consumer is getting the lounge to load.
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