smile MAJOR news for the Chattooga and Tallulah rivers!!!!
This is MAJOR news!!!

In a joint announcement between Georgia Power and the U.S. Corps of Engineers a voluntary drawdown of lake Tugaloo will start on April 8th.  According to Randall Shehenfous of Georgia Power there are several undisclosed repairs that are required to Tugalo dam.  The drawdown will happen slowly as to not incurr major flooding downstream of the dam and to pose less dramatic change for the fish population in lake Tugaloo.  Georgia Power, the Corps of Engineers, DNR, Fish and Wildlife departments will all work in a joint effort to make certain the enviromental impact is minimal.  The Department of Homeland Security has announced that there will be a 1/2 mile area around the dam that will be off limits to anyone not involved in the project.  The repairs are expected to be completed by May 13th.

What does this mean for paddlers?  Everything below the five falls on the Chattooga will be able to be seen again.  The sediment and debris will most likely be high but paddlers should be able to see what the river once looked like.  With any luck the real Bull Sluice and Sock-im-dog rapids will reappear.  The riverbed below Tugalo dam may also hold some interesting prospects as well. Should be pretty cool!