smile Yep, Woody stayed behind driving up and down the road
looking for strays.  That was the only way we found the road in the pitch dark, we'd occasionally see headlights in the distance and keep going.  He had a truck parked on the takeout bridge too, with a searchlight scanning the creek.  I couldn't believe he was still there at 11PM, but was glad to see him!  Sandwiches too - Woody is always A+ in my book.

And yes again - it was you and Dr. Mike who took me down for my first run.  Ran Pinball.  Got fond memories of that run.  Wayne Gentry was filming for S. Fried Creekin' that day.  I played hookey from work ;-) 'cause Dr. Mike called and said, "this is your doctor - I prescribe a mental health day for you; you're running a new creek."  Ha!