news OR show: Riot Air and Sniper.
Riot takes another shot at the creek boat market with the Sniper. I've always
been pleased with the Big Gun, but like a lot of people found it to be too large
for small creeks. The Sniper is designed for low volume, steep, technical creeks
and brings a nice list of innovations to the table. The sealed stern and
have been developed further and some handy stern and bow end carabineer
attachment points have been added. I'm embarrassed to admit that I don't know
exactly what the
in the hull are for, but I'm fairly certain they are designed as a low
(negative) profile alternative to hard chines to provide carving ability. Expect
the stern deck to be more peaked in the production model. 

RIOT SNIPER (prototype specs)
RIOT AIR 45 (prototype)
RIOT AIR 55 (prototype)

7'2" long
25.5" wide
65 Gallons
37 lbs.
Weight range: 100-180
6' long
24.5" wide
45 Gallons
26 lbs.
Weight range: 90-160
6'4" long
25.5" wide
55 Gallons
29 lbs.
Weight range: 160-240   
The Air is Riot's new aerial short boat. While most manufacturers have been
focusing on large planing surfaces that favor bounce initiated aerial moves,
Riot takes a decidedly carving oriented approach. The Air has the that made the Tekno such a successful surfing and carving boat and
adds some ramp rocker to The hull on this prototype has integrated fins, but the word from Riot
is that these will not be included in the production model, hence the lack of
any pictures. Also the "official" spec sheets say 6' on the 45, I
believe this prototype is shorter still. And look, the sticker says 44 instead
of 45, so I must be right.