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  Since rumors are hitting the board below, I thought I'd post some Perception news.  I'm just a partially informed father of a Team P. paddler, so this is not gospel, but it's more then rumor.

    This is Perception's last year of making freestyle boats. I believe some down river boats, and the Java, will continue to be made. Team P's contracts, for this season, will be honored.

   Personally, I'm sorry to see it happen, but business is business, and this is just one more part of the evolution of the industry. Sales are flat industy wide, and it appears the parent company finally decided that one freestyle line is enough. Ironically, IMO, Perception has a great line of freestyle boats right now, but more importantly, a great group of people representing them in the freestyle world. I'm sorry to see such a great group of folks "dissolved". I'm sure we'll be hearing from all of them in the future.