note EJ wins again (barely)
Overall results from the N.E.W. Triple Crown Championships

Jure Poberaj was on track to win it all, dominating the Slalom and Wildwater on Sunday.
Isaac Levinson was a close second in both events, and looking like he might have the potential to edge Jure out on the Freestyle event.  If either of them could hit third in the Freestyle, they could win it all.
EJ had to pull out all the stops to make sure he cleanly won the freestyle event to secure his overall victory.  Second place was not going to be his friend.
He did it, and secured 84 points in the overall, with Jure Poberaj close behind at 83 points, and Isacc Levinson at 81 points.

It's still really anyone's game for next year.
If Jure or Isaac does a little bit better in freestyle, the crown could be theirs.
Ted DeVoe just needs to train a little bit and he could upset it all.
Devin McEwan had a great showing,and probably would have been higher in the rankings if not for one mistake on the slalom course. 
Matt Young could do very well with just a little bit of slalom practice

Could be a very close contest next year.

Speaking of close contests, take a look at the womens' overall scores.

There was a different winner in each of the three events.

Katrina Van Wijk and Sarah Boudens traded first and second place in the slalom and wildwater.
The difference was Katrina's 3rd place finish in the freestyle ahead of Sarah's 5th place finish.

Jessie Stone barely edged out Hannah Farrar in the freelstyle event to give her 3rd overall.
The difference between these two competitors next year could be the slalom event.  Who will train more?

Or, someone new could show up and totally change the face of this event, and walk away with $1000 in their hands.