idea I Have Imported Mostly 'Performance Plus' Outfitting - Inside for Details
Forum: BoaterTalk
This year in the states, we upped the Outfitting and lowered the Price.  So with you Performance Plus Model Kayak you will get:  Kayak, Pillars, Seat, Backband, Grab Loops, Drain Plug, Foot Sled or Bulk Head Foot Rest.  I took input from many who bought our boats in the past couple years and brought in the highest outfitting level I could withour breaking the bank for you all.  So, our boats are Retailing at $950 for Performance Plus Outfitting and $1150 for Elite.

But for the Month of October, I am having a Get Reagy For Creeking Sale  All Creek Boats are $150 off Retail, bringing Performance Plus to $800 and Elite to $1000  Plus the cost of shipping.  Let me know if you are interested...

Tony Z
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