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I was packing up to leave for The Outdoor Retailer Show on Monday August 4th when I got a phone call that said my long awaited and beloved container of DragoRossi boats was to be delivered to my door step the following morning. So, at 5:50am on the 5th, the driver arrived and I hurried to unload the 63 kayaks and accessories before I made the 13 hour drive to Salt Lake City.

It all work out beacuase I was able to deliver three, custom, white boats with no logos to the BELA Sardiens new kayak team! I also took a shinny new Thruster to OR with me to display in the Nookie Booth Showcasing our V-Shock Skirt

So, I am now orginizing my shop and shipping off the Pre-Orders and Demo Center folks' boats. I brought in a mid range Outfitting with Seat, Pillars, Foot Sled and/or Bulk Head, Backband, 2 Grab Loops, Drain Plug, and Thigh Pads. And the Retail is $950 US + $100 for shipping.

I also had the factory mold up four of the old Reaction Kayaks and they come fully outfitted for $950 + $140 for shipping due to their length.

This thing is going to be a Rocket Ship, Look at the length and slim sides next to the Critical Mass.

Order Fast! My Ordering site is not up quite yet (too busy getting ready for OR), so for now email me at dragorossinorthwest@yahoo.com to order. I can take PayPal.
Tony Z
NW Demo Center
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