note Polish ender
Well what they called a  polish ender evolved.  Just before the boats started really going short it was a very smooth, graceful and dry movement. The Polish ender would initiate at a small angle to the hole, once you started going up  your roll would take place in the air, allowing  you to  land sideways in the hole ready to work you way back up on the hole and angle another one in.    As it continued to evolve one would initiate the ender with the hips tilted so instead of the water building up on the deck the kayak would penetrate into the hole, tilted on its side, allowing the water to build build up on the side of the kayak. A low brace back sweep would control the boat angle so the hole did not thrust the angled kayak out of the hole and give your torso a bit of support. In a sense it was almost a pre-curser to a half cartwheel. Imagine the ender taking place on the side of the kayak but the hips angled so your torso was still balanced over the hole in somewhat of a regular ender position.  From that position as you thrusted upwards in the air it was easy with a little body english to lay the kayak back down sideways in the hole. All done dry.  This evolution, and the peak of the Polish enders appeared to evolve in Oregon area around Bobs Hole. There were several great masters kayaking out of Bobs that pushed the Polish ender on.  Each had a unique style with their Polish enders. Spectators loved them because the entire kayak would explode out of the water with  lots of vertical movement. Once the world Championships came on the scene, and boat companies had pro teams, the kayaks evolved so you could make the moves happen(the volume distributed in the right places). The old boats you could not force the big volume through angles underwater easily. They were not designed with that in mind. It was more setting it up and letting it happen while you added control. The evolution of the moves started coming from everywhere once the boats were evolving, and their were paddlers committing to the play paddling scene. By the time the worlds were at the Ocoee, EJ came from behind and won it in one of the smallest boats of the time a Dagger Glass Transition. (way different than the Dagger Plastic commercial model) By then polish enders in big boats were outdated, by more agressive cartwheels, and the new moves that started to evolve.