note Sure - Dan Burke kicked ass
While Canadian Guiome LaRue (sp) had what i can't imagine wasn't the 'ride of the day'  - clean 'Pan Ams' left of varying degrees of inversion and rotation then  closing out with a 'HUGE" nearly past-vert 'Flashback' (this one an air-blunt to back clean air blunt - sicko) many of the other judges did not score it (flushed just after landing) and many believed the French paddler (green boat, pink helmet) would win the day.

But Dan Burke went to the 'Pit' and threw down, running through air-blunts forward and back, right and left, clean and dirty before running out to the green to finish off.   One ride he ended with a huge Mcnasty, but I think his final ride might have been just a Pan-am?   He had a crap wave so he couldn't score those 'Wow' points with the crowd,  but he outscored everyone by keeping moving instead of waiting for something to change over at the shoulder.