smile Two Firsts Today: Tellico and Punk Rocker ~ Boat Review Inside!
We went to the Tellico today, and I was lucky enough to take the new Punk Rocker (only one in existence and missing logos) with me. I was the second person to ever take the boat down a run; Dane Jackson being the first.
Here is a non-Jackson Team Member review of the boat.

First of all, I would just like to let you know that I have never paddled the Tellico before, I am from the Ottawa River and my experience is with big, safe water.

I have also never paddled a creekboat before.

We did three laps of the Tellico, and I got more confident each time I went down. The Punk Rocker floated me just right (I'm about 135 lbs give or take) and was super-comfortable. With the sweet cheeks and the foot blocks, it was like sitting on a cloud!

Here is what I discovered about the boat:

- I loved the grab loop inside the front centre wall, which made all the difference when carying the boat

- I was also enjoying how light the boat was

- it was a great Boofer (that's what she said!),

- the boat was as easy to roll as the Fun series, if not easier,

- the bow floated over the small wave trains

- the boat punched through the small holes with ease

- the boat felt really stable through rocky and pushy water: I barely had to brace at all, and I had one whole dry-hair run!

The main thing about paddling the new Punk Rocker, was that a) I was grinning the whole way down all three runs;

and b) I want to get one now and "step it up", it really does inspire confidence!