note It's good, BUT...
You know, the production value wasn't through the roof, which is what I expect from my yak vids.  Like, I'm interested in seeing A LOT of scenes with HELICOPTERS.  I mean, a chopper just makes it that much more extreme.  

Also, what's with the soundtrack?  I mean, yeah, the songs are cool.  But they're all indie myspace type stuff.  I mean, c'mon, how about paying for rights for some SIGNED and WELL-KNOWN artists?  How expensive can that be? Maybe a few grand for a Gorillaz cut, you know, something that people will know?  I think it would have been well worth it to devote a little more of your budget to the soundtrack.  

Also, it's pretty damn long.  I like to pack all my yaking action into 20-30 minutes.  You know, so I can spend less time on the couch and more time in sick holes.  Maybe if you had made it shorter, you would have been able to afford choppers and Gorillaz cuts.  

Just my $.02, but I think it's pretty valid...I am a pro, you know.  You know, professional.