news Laurel Fork of the Doe Viz Gauge back in business.
I installed Tony Robinson's replacement Laurel Fork of the Doe Visual Gauge yesterday afternoon.

The gauge is installed close to its original location on the Laurel Street gabion wall. It is attached to the wall wire with 1" black pipe hanger straps and I also nailed the straps to the board. I backed the 1" straps up with a couple of larger zip ties too for additional support (I suspect these zip ties will wear out first and serve as a reminder for me to check primary straps). I also used two support braces zip tied into the wire barricade for additional support at the top of the gauge into the wire cage. I did place the gauge closer to the nearby tree growing out of the wall to help anchor the bottom of the gauge when water is pushing against it.

I trimmed up the tree to help see the gauge better and use it for a hand hold to look over wall at gauge. I also painted a couple of the tree trim stubs and top braces with orange paint to help recognize gauge location from road.

I also left Matt Dalton's yard stick gauge in place for a second point of reference.

Check out photos of gauge for reference at this public link:
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