question Anyone go from a 9R to a Machno and back to a 9R?
Fellow Boaters,

I'm in some sort of funk where I just can't connect with my Machno...

I paddled a 9R from the first season it came out until last summer when I got a Ripper, which is pretty much all I've been paddling now. Sold the 9R last fall, got a Machno this spring, have had it on a handful of runs + a five-day self support on the Middle/Main Salmon ~ and its a good boat, stable, gets through all the gnar... but it feels like we aren't hitting the same two-step. I feel as though I miss that slightly higher knee position, and narrower planning hull that allows you to really drive the boat.

Has anyone else flopped back to a 9R or have the 9R2 on the horizon? Is there something I am blatantly missing to unleash the beast in the Machno? (I've moved the seat fwd, adjusted thigh braces and have an additional shim under my bum to enhance the leverage in paddling) Or is it just a style thing and a need to re-train my brain to connect to the feels of a wider craft?

Insights, banter and suggestions greatly appreciated -
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