note Lucky to be alive!
I’m glad the victim turned out ok. That is some scary stuff. I also dislike the cheat on Woodall, but I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s the most prudent way to go at levels over 1.5-1.6. I’ve run the left side of the hole up to 1.8-1.9 and have never had trouble there, but the risk to reward ratio just isn’t there for me at those levels. Sure the sneak is bony under 2 feet, but there’s a lot of other great rapids on section 4. There’s no need to risk myself or my crew just to run one drop that honestly isn’t even that cool. I’ve seen too many people flush out of there barely alive, including my best friend.

For the record, all of the surfs I’ve seen at Woodall (barring ones) have been from people running the right side of the hole. Its too easy to get too far right and spin out. It’s my opinion that if you aren’t comfortable running the left side of the hole, you shouldn’t run it at all.