note La Pigeon (the dirty bird)
The dirty bird's a heck of a lot cleaner than when it earned that nickname.

Assuming I-40 isn't blocked by a landslide or roadwork the Pigeon is close. When you've got your class 3 groove back you'll love the regular Pigeon gorge ("Upper"?) from the Powerhouse down. In fact, it'd be a pretty decent welcome back to class 3, depending on your preferred flavor. Pigeon's got nice wide lines, but is slightly pushy.

What many ppl forget about is the LOWER Pigeon. It just goes from the regular takeout at Hartford to a parking lot just downstream of the interstate bridges. Very roadside. AND for a class 2 run it's just packed with fun little play waves. There's one bigger play wave the locals are always tweaking. Character and quality vary. It's on far right right like 10 yards downstream of an outfitter (NOC?).

And if you ever start looking for more challenge than the Ocoee and the water level is right, Big Creek is a good option. That's the creek that comes into the Pigeon right below the powerhouse on right left.