note There are a few lakes in that area.
Lake Sequoyah is nice and has a little boat ramp on 64. Just near the boat ramp below the dam is a nice little hike down some waterfalls also. If you head to Cashiers and then down 107 towards Cullowhee there is Lake Glenville which is much larger. Farther down 107, if you turn right onto 281(Canada Rd), and head up a ways there is a boat ramp down a dirt road for Bear Lake which is pretty.

If you are looking for a river with some mild rapids I would suggest the Tuckaseegee from the put in on Shook Cove Rd down to Cullowhee. To get to the put in, head to Cashiers and then down 107 towards Cullowhee. After about 14.5 miles just before the bridge that goes over the Tuck, take the right onto Shook Cove Rd. Drive a little bit up and you will see a little gravel parking lot area on the left. Put in here. Make sure you go to the first put in, which is smaller, and not the second, which is much bigger and has restrooms, as the second will put you in above the Slab and Eternity Hole (which might be more excitement than you are looking for). There are two good possible take out spots. The first is at East Laporte River Access Park down 107, but it's only about 3.5 miles.The second would be Locust Creek Access Area. To get there, go past the East Laporte River Access, just around the bend, and take a right onto Old Cullowhee Rd. Drive 5.5 miles and you will see the small park on the left that has a bridge going over the river. That will give you a much longer paddle. The East Fork will be releasing on Saturday and Sunday so it may be swift, if you get there before 11-12, but I don't think there is anything in that stretch that should really give you any trouble.

Hope that helps!