note Splat Portage, Right vs. Left
Here are a couple of differences to consider when deciding to portage Splat on the right or the left.

The right portage requires you to either run a class 3ish entry rapid or sneak this rapid on the left and make a class 3ish ferry into the river right eddy for portaging. The portage consists of walking the bedrock on the right and lowering your boat to a small undercut ledge. For the left portage, you can either run the class 3ish entry rapid or sneak down the left and and then enter the channel left of Splat. From there you have the choice to seal launch or walk all the way around.

To me, the left portage is safer for someone that is nervous or paddling at the top of their ability. At normal flows, the left portage line poses no risk of flushing into Splat. The right portage poses a risk of washing into splat if you blow your class 3 eddy turn or ferry and mistakes have been made here.