warning Wood in the Smokies from last Thur windstorm - keep a sharp eye out on next runs
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A huge windstorm in front of the front that arrived last Thur dropped a lot of trees / branches all over the N side of the Park. Some roads were closed for days and we experienced many new trees on the Little and Greenbrier. Greenbrier was doable at low flow Sat but we had to skirt or duck a few river wide trees that were not a problem at that flow - but could be with more water. Think it was around 1.8 Most were in the upper part of the run. On Sun we did the Little 2.5-2.6 from Metcalf to the Y because the road was still closed from Metcalf to the Y. We crossed / went around many trees. None in bad places but we noticed road crews pushing quite a few logs / stumps from the road into the river I presume to speed up their road clearing. These and the ones that fell naturally could be a real problem if high flows move them to bad places obviously. I presume the same situation exists for other runs in the Park. It will probably be a while before all this wood washes out.
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