warning Personally, I'd try to find a crew first...
I'd be cautious of playing the pick-up game at the put-in. -R.I.P. Mike-


what kind of folks do you like to paddle with? methodical scouters? partiers? road warriors? weekend only? fair weather? play every little wave? vegetarian? always late? likes to share sleeping bags? bathe infrequently? club members? chatty? multiple lap warriors? "no eddy Freddys"? Free market types? eat fruits while in the grocery store? willing to split gas? observe the sabbath? eat Perkin's for dinner? flood water venturers? ones that can't figure out shuttle? time nazi? tolerant to open boaters? alpha male paddler? a swims-a-lot but laughs about it guy? has to take his dog paddling? somebody who GoPros EVERYTHING? clawhammer or three finger picker? sketchy shuttle car? everything is a step-up run? SWR trained? will cover with your wife when you're late? will walk a rapid? pees every 15 minutes on the road? will never walk a rapid? has imaginary girlfriend? lurks Boater Talk? claims their skirt imploded on every swim? paddles an old boat to be ironic? never wants to drive? always wants to drive? always has beer and snacks for the group at the takeout? thinks the ocoee is class 4? thinks the narrows is class 4? can reduce their own shoulder? can reduce your shoulder? looks good in neoprene?

choose your crew wisely! (what tha' fuck is a crew!?)

it's all about the people, man.
get the people right and the water will find you.