note Sweet brother! I have always loved the Big South Fork for reasons like that!
Might head that way this week for a day trip or maybe even this weekend. Some Kentucky folks headed that way. Although, the Russell Fork is running too and that is a gem during the winter months, especially warm like it is this year. It is currently running 1100 which is choice for a raft in the upper section and for the kayakers, like a nice extra flow day during the Rendezvous weekend in October in the gorge. Not sure it will hold at the level through the weekend. See what the rain does in the next few days. But, that is something else to consider while we are kinda drought-like everywhere else.

P.S. I need to get my new raft out of the box and work on some skills because I want to start to row some too. Guess I need to get an oar frame for it. And a pump. I pretty exclusively just kayak, and want to expand my river experiences with some raft/rowing. Problem is, it is easier to jump in the car and blow to a river with a kayak than it is to mess with a raft. And the Big South Fork is on my list to work on my raft skills a bit. Love that place!