note it was a lonely moonlit night...
And I had the BRILLIANT idea to do a solo play run with my prijon alien down n fork Yuba. That run has a natural rock amphitheatre with a series of giant reactionary wave/holes perfect for blasting/blast wheels. Only problem is all the rapids before and after.

On a drop, river rightish about 10ish foot boof, I guess I didn't quite boof it. Got worked in the hole, threw a few ends, roll up and it's loud and much darker than when I went off the lip of the drop. I was a little disoriented, and it took a few seconds to realize where On the wrong side of the wall, in a dark moonless cave.

So I took a few breaths, and tried to break on thru to the other side. Beat down, cartwheels, roll up back in the cave.

If @ first you don't succeed, try try again. After 3 attempts to get out I was kinda freaking. It's dark, nobody knows I'm here except the out of state boaters who I did my daylight lap with and ran my shuttle. I knew I couldn't hang in the cave in my boat till daylight. It was dark so I couldn't really feel a good way to climb out if my boat and climb out of the cave smooth granite rock. If I did swim, I was gonna have to let go of my beautiful tiger paw titanium bent shape with carbon wood Mitchell blades and I was barefoot cause I wasn't planning on swimming or portaging the big one. Just shorts it was a warm summer night. No throw bag,first aid kit or even water bottle, an empty boat for a quick little play run right?

After a long stern talk to myself, I said my prayers and made some promises, took another beating and was pretty scared when I knew it was time to roll up. Then I rolled up to the most beautiful moonlit sky I've ever seen.

Somewhere in this story there's probably a lesson to be learned. But since I'm as bright as that cave it took me a few more misadventures to learn my lesson...