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Hi there,

I like to think we put a precedent on this skill, both for you and for us in our ability to teach it. That being said, there are many great resources in many different areas and we may not be the most convenient for you from a time commitment. Again, feel free to reach out to us and I would be happy to point you to another one of our great instructor colleagues/friends closer to you. Regardless, I think it goes without saying, once a roll is achieved with consistency your willingness to try new things comes along with it.

Check out our video series demystifying many common themes in kayak instruction to also help get you started on some of the language. I also highly recommend recording your practice so you can go back and watch what you were doing. However, there is nothing like having a GOOD instructor who understands the commitment to you that it takes to help you through your progression.

Best of luck and hope to hear from you!

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Chris Wing
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