note 3.0' on WFT is $$$!
I got my PFD of the West Fork Tuck back in July 2013. The level was 2.4' that day. I thought the run could use more water to be really good. I've ran it at least 4 more times since then from 2013-2015 in the 2.4'-2.6' range and every time I get off the run I would think to myself this run would be really good at 3.0'.

Well I got my wish this past Sat (July 7/5/16) when Duke opened the gates a little more to give us a perfect 3.0' level on the take-out bridge gauge. The second part of the Mini Gorge was stout for sure with much sticker holes, but it padded out the rest of the run to make a really good run! It really made for good padded lines on both sides of Flight Simulator!!

Thanks Duke Energy for the extra H20 and making the WFT the best run it could be!!

What did you think about the extra flow?