note Ocoee Boaters - This Fri June 17 - Come Party at Dumpy's
This Friday, I'll be sitting in at Dumpy's at the bottom end of the Ocoee River switching between upright bass, electric fiddle, guitar & mando (all while drinking a beer) with the band Gopher Broke. They are a great bunch of musicians who can nail the classic rock, rockin' blues, and rockabilly stuff.

Music gets underway at 8pm and goes to midnight or thereafter. It's summer on the Ocoee River and this is one of the best places to hang. ps... I'm the gal who used to play at hell hole before I blew out my shoulder and turned to music and I'm there every so often during the summer with a mando watching all of y'all play.

1054 Hwy 64
Ocoee, TN 37361