note both previous statements are true but i have a little to add.
personally i started in a creek boat and looking back on it now yes i probably used it a as bit of a crutch to get started. But i don't necessarily think thats a bad thing. Just because someone starts out in a creek boat doesn't mean that they are destined to forever use its volume as a crutch. As long as they learn and learn right through good instruction and time i see no problem starting in a creek boat but if they continue to use the volume as a crutch and start to try bigger rivers just because they "have" a creek boat thats not right either. I now have multiple boats and enjoy all of them and i think that thats the beauty of kayaking you find your style and find the boat that suits you. and if you have multiple styles then have multiple boats its quite simple. i love my prijon delirious and it being one of those 7 ft playboats that you guys are talking about i see the attraction and have come to love all the things it has to offer. that being said i also own a creek boat and a river runner for days that im feeling lazy or if i'm running support for other people. and hopefully this summer ill get into one of those newer playboats and try that out too. kayaking is all about finding yourself and how you like it so go out and do just that and have fun. and just to be nice lets not judge others for their style choices