note It's all good buddy
I was trying to be lighthearted myself. My playboats quiver consists of an axiom and a neckie switch so it's not that different. I take them out to surf, spin, blunt and do an occasional cartwheel....and then my shoulder falls off

By the way, I never said those boats were "unpaddleable." That's your word. I said they were too difficult for most people to paddle downriver and I think the prevalence of creek boats on easy rivers is a reflection of that....and as you point out you don't like em either.

When paddling was at the zenith of its popularity in the early 2000's you had outfitters and manufacturers pushing people and newbies to playboats. Then for a long time in the 2000's all the r&d was going to playboating and creekers with not much in between. I'm not saying it was deliberate effort to hoodwink people, I just think it was a mistake.

And jackson's marketing to that end was a little over the top....and sorry, I do think the funs sucked