note i think there's a point in your point, but not the one you were making
I've said for years I think manufacturers actually hurt the playboating/kayaking industry (looking at you Jackson!!!) by making dedicated park and play boats as opposed to designs that can be paddled downriver -- hell even when the boats were close to 7' feet long, they could play the river. Most people struggle to paddle a 5-6' boat down class III+.

I know I largely gave up playboating because I couldn't find a boat that I could paddle downriver. And I ain't got 20 year old shoulders anymore, I can't be flipping/bracing in every damn rapid.

Give me a boat that doesn't have its bow dive in every class 2 wave train.

would love to see more boats like the Loki (with more foot room). 7' playboats are awesome! bring em back. I don't give a shit if I ever do a loop again.