From Colin Hunt:

Today a group of us ran into a ranger while we were on our way to put on at the base of Linville Falls. The ranger was very polite and asked us to inform the boating community that putting in on river right is illegal and that they much prefer us to put in on river left below the falls. There is an official trail that takes you straight to the river just a hundred yards downstream of the falls.

There are two issues in play here.
1) There is no official trail on river right and they are currently trying to prevent people from bushwacking down the hill.
2) The Linville Falls area is a National Park where boating is prohibited. The park boundary is 1/4 mile downstream from the falls itself, pretty close to where the river left trail comes out. Downstream of there all the land is National Forest where boating is ok

The trailhead for the river left put in is accessed via the Blue Ridge Parkway. Directions can be found here -> http://www.hikewnc.info/besthikes/blue-ridge-parkway-section-3/linville-falls-plunge-basin
North Carolina