note She has this boat.

So far it is just a toy for the front or back yard. Unfortunately we have had so little rain/snow the last few years that it limits our boating opportunities.

Later this summer, I will probably let her play with the kayak herself at a big, calm sandy pool at the river. I'll be standing in the water with her. I'll also paddle down some mild ww with her on my lap in the Do It Now.

Basically I'll play it by ear, see if she has fun. If not, she always loves just playing in the sand, throwing rocks, etc.

My gut is that she will really like sitting on my lap going downstream. Hopefully the daily individual swim lessons she is having this summer will help make her comfortable around the water.

For other people I know, the Fun1 without a skirt seems to be a fun way to introduce paddling. If I see a good deal I will definitely snatch one up.