note Advice on introducing a 3 year old to boating?
We took my 3 year old on the town (tubing) section of the French Broad this weekend. She loved the "bumpy" water, wanted more "bumpy" water, and demanded I find more of it (in a way that only toddlers do). I had thought I'd keep her on the lake this summer and look into getting her a boat and gear for next year. Now I am rethinking that. I am considering the Little Tennessee and the Town Tuck in a canoe or ducky. Thoughts? Suggestions?

As for gear, she is very small, almost 30 lbs and in 2T clothes.
Suggestions for a helmet?
I believe the Fun 1 is the smallest of the kids' boats. Is that correct? Anyone looking to sell one in the SE? Other boats I should look for?
Paddle suggestions?
She has a PFD that will serve her this year, but recommendations for next year? I saw the Astral Otter recommended when I searched the forum. Any other recommendations?
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