note If you have the money for it, take a 3 day class
at ERA, NOC Riversport,...they will provide equipment and you will jump over some of the sticking points in the learning curve.

if you dont have money, no problem then you learn how the rest of us learned. it will just take a bit longer to enjoy being on class 3 rivers and you will have some valuable rescue and swimming experience:

Buy some cheap gear, join a club, do every club "learn to kayak" weekend you can, go to pol sessions, at the end of year 2, throw away/sell cheap to another beginner most of your gear and buy new used gear that is better [by then you will know better what you want].

Somewhere along the way take a rescue clinic at your club. For gear, I strongly urge getting airbags for whatever boat you buy. It will seem outrageously expensive but get them anyway. Get a new kayak helmet that fits your head and get a decent paddle. Go cheap on the first boat.