note WA Family Friendly boating groups
Greetings boaters!

I am a reasonably experienced boater. I had to take a break due to a few things (kids, economy and a complete shift in career paths) but now I am ready to bring my new family to the river! The kids are now 6 and 8. We love to hike and camp and my wife is a gourmet camp cook. Any groups out there taking their kids out for day trips and multi-day trips?

My experience includes guiding for a top-rate company on class 2 thru 5 rivers (Skykomish, Tieton, White Salmon, Wenatchee, Skagit, Nisqually, Toutle) and multi-day trips (Deschutes, Snake, Illinois, Grand Canyon). I've also hit the Green and a few others on private day trips. I was Swift Water certified and currently carry First Aid/CPR.