question Zen 75 or a large Zen 2015 Or perhaps even the medium Zen 2015?
The shipment to Australia of my Zen 2105 L just missed the December boat. So I've plenty of time to agonise over whether to wait till March, or buy a Zen 75 (from the same store) now. What prompts my question was the comment I saw on the Jackson website that the new Zen will not be as fun much to surf as the Zen 75.

I'm returning to paddling after a long absence and enjoy surfing, side surfing and digging the bow into a decent rapid. I like an agile, fast boat as we have lots of flat sections. Our local river also gets pretty rocky, and has grade II rapids. My plan is to work my way back into grade III once I perfect my roll.

I don't like unpredictable stern slicing stuff happening just after I have crossed the eddyline in my aged Dagger RPM., otherwise its a great boat.

I weigh 176 without gear, and about 190 with a full set of gear. I'm 57 and 5'11.

All thoughts welcome.

The obvious answer of course is to wait until the stock arrives and then find a way to compare models.