idea We are headed to the Gauley this weekend and have room in a raft.
We have a good crew going to run the lower on Saturday 6, and upper on Sunday 7 Sept.

The raft has a capacity of 8. Right now we have 4 for the lower and 6 for the upper. My friend Don Shelters will be guiding the lower (plenty of experience there) and we have a form UG guide for the upper.

We will probably have about 5 or 6 kayakers on the Lower and 4 on the upper.

If you want to an opportunity to raft and don't mind pitching in a few bucks for our guide, contact me - dangore at

Disclaimer - we are a private trip - you take responsibility for your own self. The Gauley is a dangerous river that deserves respect. We are experienced kayakers and rafters, but we are still a bunch of "good time yahoos" and are there to play. Despite all my efforts at motivation, we are still known as the "crack of noon crew". We do know the river well and do our best to take care of our crew.