note couple thoughts
Seals rand skirt fits great on my Remix 69 and doesn't leak. I use the 1.4 size medium tunnel. (You'll need whatever tunnel fits your waist size.) It's not hard to get on/off either. I have the 'pro rand' which is expensive, if I were you and looking for a randed skirt I'd get this:
Bungee skirt is easier to put on. But will leak more. I don't have experience with one except an old Snapdragon that someone gave me as a spare. It leaks a lot, but it will work, and I keep in the car in case someone forgets theirs.
Helmet - go to an outfitter and buy the helmet that fits you best. I would *not* get a fullface helmet as my first helmet. The WRSI helmets are nice, they unfortunately don't fit my head. Shred Ready makes nice helmets too in a variety of sizes.

I have a wiki for new boaters here that may be useful to you: