note New to the forum, looking to get better and join in the fun
I'm new to the forum and somewhat to whitewater. Been working on getting more into it over the past three years (learned at a Tennessee Chota Club clinic back in 2011 and been working on doing more and learning new things ever since in a limited ability due to moving around and work) but it's kind of tough down here in Aiken, SC. I've been paddling flat water since 2009 and have taken every chance I can to get on the water as much as possible since.

Basically, I'd like to find a good group that wouldn't mind me joining on some easy to mild runs seeing as my local paddling buddies are all mostly flat water paddlers. Definitely willing to make the trek into Georgia, NC and Tennessee. Just would like to make some connections with some people who would be willing to let me tag along on some trips so I can work on getting more experience. Thanks for any help.
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