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The Skykomish is a standard, runs most the time class III-IV locally. If you're lucky, the Middle Snoqualmie or Upper Green Gorge will be running. They're class III-IV and really nice. The Lower Green is more III-II but is a beautiful gorge with a wilderness feel(no houses). The Sauk is also a nice III-IV run with a wilderness feel.

I ran the Dungeness out on the Peninsula on Monday for my first time. Nice III+ run with no houses, though lots of wood. Whatever the level was Monday, it was a little low.

I can't comment on more difficult runs.

When studying runs, it's best to cross reference between the AW site and the PP river pages and understand that folks sandbag a bit. That is, if you ask for a class III run on PP, they may well offer you a stiff class IV run. Do your homework. attempts to predict river levels with varying degrees of success.