question Looking for boat hire and paddling buddies for the Middle Ocoee in May
I'm going to be visiting Atlanta from the UK in May. On Sunday 11th May I'm going to be a bit jetlagged with nothing constructive to do for the day, so I thought I'd try to get some paddling in. Trouble is, I don't know anybody and I won't have my boat with me. I'm an intermediate paddler: comfortable on grade 3, a little grade 4 on a good day with the wind behind me. I don't normally swim, but... you know how it is. I'm also not too proud to portage.

The Middle Ocoee looks like it might be about my level, and running that day. Is anybody around that day who might take an extra in their group? Also, are there any companies out there crazy enough to hire a creek boat to somebody they don't know?