question Looking to get into paddling...
Hello friends. Im hoping that you guys can help me and give me a little advice. I live about 20 minutes from Wilson's Creek here in North Carlona, and every Spring/Summer, I cant help but notice all the paddlers on the gorge off Brown Mt Beach Rd. It looks like a lot of fun and I am anxious to get into the sport. I am very active and physically fit. I work out 3-4 times a week. During the winters, I work part time as a snow board instructor. When I was younger, I did NORBA Mt Bike races...anyways, I just thought some background on myself would be helpful for the type of advice I am seeking. I am about 5'8" tall and weigh around 135 lbs.

A good friend of mine has been a kayak instructor for many years and he has offered to give me and my wife a few days of private instruction in early June. He said that he has all the gear that we can borrow (which is likely fine for my wife until she decides she likes it enough to buy a boat), but I really want to go ahead and buy a used boat. I've done some searching on Craigslist and also looked at some of the classified here on the forum.

For those of you familiar with paddling Wilson's Creek, what recommendations would you make for my first boat? Anything to specifically stay away from? etc...

Thanks in advance and I cant wait to get started.

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