note surfs great actually
The old idea that 'short' was bad and 'long' was good for hole punching only works when you are straight and get a boof.

But your odds of missing that boof, or being straight, go way down the longer your boat is.

That's why so many people say ''i always do better in my playboat'' about some drops - it's sure not because they are faster!

We surf Rock Island in a lot of kayaks, but a planing hull makes far more difference than you think. The Rocker bounced around and felt hard to control. The Villain bounces much less, but it's hard to 'blast' or get straight. The Hero surfs nice and smooth like a playboat, and while it's hard to 'blast' also it's easy to drop a rail and carve out the side. I'll feel more secure when surfing a pourover since the sidewalls are so high, and more likely to get control and 'blast' out of a high volume hole in a Hero as well.

So boats I feel are 'hole-bait' would be:

round hulled
hard to boof
very directional - hard to 'low-speed spin'
flat decked
vertical sidewalled
low rocker - so it 'chocks in' and can't be turned downstream easily from a sidesurf.

None of these things are features of the Hero. It's just short.

SO - if it's a long tow-back where you need to really carry your speed and paddle hard to get across it, the Villain or a longer boat would be a better choice. But the Hero will blast over, then paddle back in and surf frothy holes that longer, rounder boats best steer clear of. I think you are more likely to hit your boof straight, and more likely to surf out of many types of holes in the Hero or other short, planing hull kayak than you would what most people are paddling today. Pro's n cons to anything.