question 2010 Wavesport project 45 vs 2004 Jackson star?
Hey Guys,
I was looking to getting a used playboat to learn in, figured it would improve my roll as well as understanding of water and hydraulics plus its just plain fun. So I have a question I'm looking at both the 2010 wavesport project 45 and 2004 jackson star they're about the same price only $100 difference but can't really demo them so just wanted some thoughts? I'm about 5'7"-5'8" and around 120lbs I'm wanting to learn to surf and eventually learn cartwheels and loops. I was just wondering does one or the other have a certain paddling style is one better for surfing then loops vise versa, is one easier or more difficult to learn in or are they both so similar that it doesn't really matter and just go for the cheaper boat as long as it still has some life in it? Just want some tips and thoughts anything would help since I don't really know anything about playboating and the important specs...