news A little info on the Woodstock, GA play spot...
A friend and I went out there on Christmas after Santa brought us all that rain for being good boys this year. We were there for about 2.5 hours with the flow ranging from 1600-1200 on the gauge.  At this level there are a few good features with the best one being similar to surfing at Callahan's on the Upper Ocoee. A very nice, sticky hole that wants to keep pushing you back into the center. It's a little shallow when you flip over, but nothing that you are going to smash your face on, maybe just scrape your paddle a little. The eddy service to the main hole is excellent, with a huge eddy on player's left with plenty of time to get there. This spot is worth checking out if you live in the area, it is much better than the shithole although it doesn't run nearly as often or at night. If anybody has been there before and surfed please let me know what level and how it was. Hopefully in the future we can start to dial in the gauge a little better on AW. This is a nice little gem for the local playboater,  although you have to catch it the day after it rains as it drops out quickly. My guess would be if the gauge says it's over 1100, grab your boat and have some fun!
th_up Cool.