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Banner Advertising

Sometimes, you just need to broadcast your message to the world. Build your brand. Promote an event. Those are great jobs for banner advertising.

Our automated banner ad system allows you to create campaigns for your product, service, and events. Your ads can run for a specified amount of time, or you can choose to spend a up to a certain amount of money. You can run multiple ads within a campaign for a/b testing your message and maximizing it's performance. You can run your campaigns at different weights with respect to the other ad campaigns on the site for those times where you need a lot of exposure quickly. It's all under your control.

When it comes time to asses your campaigns' and ads' performances, there are back end reports to help you track things. The data can also be exported to Excel..

Our banner advertising system works on BoaterTalk credits. You simply buy credits with a credit card, and the system with run your promotions until your credits run out. You say exactly how much you spend.

Active ad types on BoaterTalk:

Skyscraper - 160 by 600
Standard SkyScraper ad for web.
CPM: $1.11 USD
CPC: $1.16 USD
Banner - 728 by 90
Banner on the top of every page for web and tablet. In content ads for tablets.
CPM: $0.86 USD
CPC: $1.14 USD
Thin Skyscraper - 120 by 600
Left hand ads on not logged in pages for web.
CPM: $0.77 USD
CPC: $0.58 USD
Block - 300 by 350
In content ads for web.
CPM: $0.68 USD
CPC: $0.81 USD
Mobile - 320 by 50
Banner on the top of every mobile page. In content ads for mobile.
CPM: $0.42 USD
CPC: $0.45 USD

If you are looking for keyword based, in context advertising, check out ASK Links.

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