Kayaking Upper Cheoah River Part 1
Helment Cam view of Upper Cheoah River.

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North Fork Championship Trip.
North Fork Championship Trip.
After a few runs a piece some boys from the Carolinas decide to lead them selves down the Lower V of the North Fork of the Payette.
Runs include: Green Narrows Watuga North Fork of the Payette Blackfoot Canyon
Black Canyon of the Bear Boo Boo
Black Canyon of the Bear Boo Boo
Lower Mesa Hand Paddling Carnage
Vallecito, South Mineral, Bottom drop Wolf Creek, Crazy Woman Creek, Rockwood Box. Juice Sauce, Chase
Crystal Drainage, Let down your mullet and turn up the music. Juice Sauce, Chase Nobles
From the North West to New Mexico, The Unlimiting Factor premieres Friday August 10th at Bailey Fest 2012 Juice Sauce!
Compilation of the high lights of this season. Footage from North Fork of the Payette, Gore Canyon, Fremont Canyon, Bluegrass Creek, Little White Salmon, and tons of other places. Likes and Comments are appreciated. Enjoy! Juice Sauce!
Bailey Fest 2012 Turn on the Tunnel Juice Sauce
California's Dinkey Creek Mexico's Rio Alseseca
A little footage highlighting my move from Colorado to Washington. A lot of the footage features Ernies Canyon, Robe Canyon, and a few hucks such as Upper Lewis, Lower Lewis, Limp Wrist, and Honey Balls Falls. Enjoy, Chase Nobles
The Schmitt Chronicles takes you to church! Enjoy the 3rd descent of Fremont Canyon thru the "Polish Gnar Bar". The irrigation classic Bluegrass Creek, aswell as Box Elder Creek, Deer Creek, S.F.E.F. of the Gallatin, and Big Timber Creek. Enjoy
The Schmitt Chronicles; Side of Meat takes you to familiar and not so familiar territory. Enjoy the North Fork of the Rowdy(Payette), The Super Classic BiG Twig & Lower Mesa Falls, some Quake Lake, North Fork of the Blackfoot, aswell as Hells Canyon of the...
THE SCHMITT CHRONICLES, Vol 3.......... NFLW is all about the Schmitt. Join Eric Ducomb, Sam Lowenthal, Risto Beatty, Eric Parker, and Mike Perry for the quintessential Wyoming waterfall run! Edited by Mike Perry Filmed by Mike Perry and Eric Duco...
Big Timber is the quintessential steep creek run in Montana with big clean slides. Enjoy a day in the Crazy's with Evan Stafford, Shane Day, and Mike Perry! Clip from Schmitt Chronicles Vol. 2 , Side of Meat. https://vimeo.com/45008032 Film and E...
Wyoming and Montana hold some damn fine kayaking and boaters. Collectively the Northern Rockies are my home and i wouldn't have it any other way! Enjoy the Quintessential Schmitt from NFLW and the Box; to other obscure runs from good ol' Montucky. H...
Standard low water Woodbine Canyon up the Stillwater River aka "The Pots". Created using the IPad3 Video: Mike Perry, Eric Ducomb Edit: Mike Perry
Some footage from a couple laps with Ducomb and Zach at the Quake Lake section of the Madison River. Gotta love late season in Montana! 900 something cfs.
First YLA Quake Lake race. Gonna be more gatherings to come in the future. Camera had a super low battery sorry. This is all we got in footy. Thanks to Jeff aka Jefe Douchkoff for doing all filming so we didn't have to worry. Music: Emblem3 - Sunset Bo...
Fear leads to anger; anger leads to hate; hate leads to suffering. Time to pack the bags and send it boys and gals kayaking season is here! overcome Fear and reap the benefits of your potential! keep er safe and sane and remember to have fun and boat withi...
West Rosebud Creek is typical Montucky read and run containing few individual rapids and more of a consistent boulder garden type river bed. Thanks to the AW scheduled releases scoring 3 laps in little over and hour is no problem. Laps are quick and fun, s...
Box Elder Creek is one of my favorite times of spring. Sometimes ticks go well with the suffering and you cant have one with out the other in Wyoming. luckily we didn't run into any rattlesnakes while hiking around. Good min level music from Django Unch...