Anchorage, Alaska
Male 32
Types of boats you paddle (eg. kayak, raft, C-1, squirt, etc.): I own a Agent 6.4 and a Nomad 8.5, and used to paddle a Big Ez, Perception 3D, and Dagger Outburst.
First Season (year): 1999
Favorite Class: V
Favorite Runs: Six Mile, Little Sue, Willow (at high flows), Nenana, Lowe, and Cambell Creek (AK)
I got my first kayak on my sixth birthday. My dad (AK yak) rigged it with pontoons and i paddled around the lake untill i graduated to flat water. I didn't get out on to white water untill i was 14 or so. As of right now i have one first decent in Alaska. I have paddled over 30 rivers in Alaska (kind of hard to keep track after 30) and a few in Oregon. Email me at mailto:pvschauer@gmail.com if your ever in Alaska! Peace, Paul