Brian Hill
New York, USA
Male 37
Types of boats you paddle (eg. kayak, raft, C-1, squirt, etc.): 1st choice: creekboat. 2nd: playboat. 3rd: raft.
First Season (year): 2000
Favorite Class: V
Favorite Runs: Black, Moose, Independence, Grass, Beaver, St Regis, Oswegatchie...
New York is where it's at (2 turn tables and a microphone...) We have so many runs, a nice long season, and something for everyone. And there's plenty for everyone, so c'mon over! I'm a big dude, no two ways about it. Most of the "big boats" seem small once I get in them. If you've got any questions about gear or boats for a big paddler, feel free to email me. Right now, I'm paddling a Transformer-4 and a H3-255. The H3 is the smoothest creeking machine out there for a 250+ pound boater. It's a great day when you've got a couple of the best friends on earth (aka your kayaking buddies), your creekboat, and miles of class 5 wilderness to get through before dark. I've tried everything I could get my hands on in the wilderness, and nothing compares to the simple joy of paddling a great creek with great friends in a great place. Every day I get to paddle I count my blessings!