Michael Farrell
Pasadena, CA. Foot of the San Gabriels, striking distance from the Kern.
Male 40
Fluid Discount Code: mikef13
Types of boats you paddle (eg. kayak, raft, C-1, squirt, etc.): Currently a M Bazooka and L Dope
First Season (year): 1995
Favorite Class: V
Favorite Runs: Forks of the Kern, Brush Creek, Merced, Upper NF Kaweah
Short Bio: I grew up 15 minutes from the SF American, raft guided from age 17, did my graduate research in the McKenzie River in Oregon, and eventually landed with my wife in a 1924 California Bungalow in Pasadena, at the base of the San Gabriels. We now have a daughter and a son, so my boating is more constrained than it used to be. I enjoy getting on any stretch of river, be it a local class II run I have to hike into, a high water snowmelt run, or laps on Brush Creek. I also enjoy snowboarding (Mt Baldy and Mammoth) and Mt Biking (local rides in the SG's) [IMG]http://forums.boof.com/picture.php?albumid=49&pictureid=46[/IMG]